WOT forum trolls

WOT forum is overall a nice place where you can read a lot of good stuff, but this forum has also a special purpose for Wargaming. WOT forum is a place of brainwash and is infested with trolls. There are some particular threads where WOT forum trolls do their dirty work with increased devotion.

All the concerns pointed out in this site will pop out regularly in WOT forum, where they get harsh treatment by the resident forum trolls. Basically, every new thread that questions the WOT matchmaker and the motives behind it, gets tracked by WOT forum trolls, sometimes with great ferocity.

WOT forum trolls will make sure that no meaningful conversation about WOT and its hidden aspects can take place in forums for any length of time. Whenever a new thread is created and couple of pages of quality posts is written, WOT forum trolls roll in and the tread gets stomped.

WOT forum is much like the former Soviet Union – tightly controlled by government instances whose task was to seek out and destroy all independent thought. Participating in WOT forums is sometimes actually very scary experience for those who remember how it was to live in Soviet Union. Sometimes I doubt, if those who always lived in the free world, understand or even notice how much censorship is in the WOT forums, and how the forum trolls actually bend the forum to the will of Wargaming.

WOT forum trolls are sometimes a thing of amusement – like all loyal followers of mis-conceived ideology, their dedication is un-human like. They ALWAYS take the side of Wargaming official policies. They do it even then, when it goes against their image as veteran forum participants. They always speak from Wargaming behalf, no matter how stupid WOT last tank “sale” may have been. They also take pro-arty stance which would be unthinkable if the we “just” WOT community leaders (looking their post count, one could mistakenly believe that they are). As it is, pro arty stance is very unpopular and completely unsuited to any public forum figure. But WOT forum trolls are “on the mission” and quite dedicated to always protect the Wargaming. And their dedication is quietly killing the WOT forums.

WOT forum trolls are in constant alert – whenever a new thread is created that questions the Wargaming totalitarian rule, WOT forum trolls will ruin it, like the bad smell they are. There’s the “jabbing guy”, the “one-liner”, the “lawyer”, the “I have good winrate”, and a multitude of their sidekicks. You’ll see who I mean if you just visit the forums. Any time the WOT troll parade marches in to a thread, it’s time for different kinds of verbal violence, stupidity and overall bad smell from their behalf.

Wargaming has overdone their rigging of the World Of Tanks and even the way they interact with WOT community. If WG resident trolls would just show some subtlety in their trolling attempts, the manipulating of WOT forums would probably work – but they don’t, and it doesn’t. They just keep trolling the WOT forums and doing so are ruining another opportunity the Wargaming has to sell a good tank game with some honesty and dignity.