Russian OP joke-tanks

The main purpose of WOT is to pump money out from its players (pumping money from somebody or something is what almost all enterprises do) but World Of Tanks does something more – it sells us an ideology at the same time. How’s that? What could a computer game be selling to it’s playerbase? What could a country, deeply impregnated with Soviet mentality sell us? It’s beliefs? Beliefs of the whole Soviet mentality? “Truth” and “Glory” from the past?

You know the answers to those questions if you know the belief system of the former Soviet Union. Yes, they sell us the “Glory of the past” as they see it. But they do something else too. While the western world believes that the Soviet Union exists no more, the mentality of that inhumane conglomerate lives on in current Russia and its satellites. They are not only selling the “Glory of the past” but also are selling “The might of the Russia”. How do they do that? By selling us the “mighty” russian tanks. There are some good tanks in the WOT, some interesting tanks, strange tanks, weak tanks, fast tanks, beautiful tanks, but only one country has the best tanks – and you know what country I mean. Millions of young men are growing up an image burned in their subconsciousness – if you see a russian tank in the battlefield, you know who will rule it with their impenetrable vehicles.

Russian tanks in the World Of Tanks are created so strong it sometimes achieves complete ridiculousness (just like the Soviet mentality itself). Tiger I and Tiger II, some of the most powerful tanks in the Second World War are made from paper in the WOT. I have never had any trouble penetrating them. Russian tank lineup on the other hand is mostly extremely strong, also, the game seems to be rigged in favor of them. How many times have you bounced on the sides of the KV-1’s? I know I have, and with 200 mm pen. I have bounced a lot at the REARS of KV-1’s with 200 pen (and don’t get me even started with IS-3). Those events should be completely impossible if there was no russian bias in the game and it was not rigged in favor of russian armor. Bounciness of most russian tanks seems to be magical and cannot be explained by armor angles or bad aiming alone. I’m sure the RNG of WOT is manipulated in favor of russian tanks – that’s how they are trying shove us the idea of the “Mighty Russia”.

KV-1 and IS-3 are at least heavy tanks but russian lineup in the WOT has some totally shell-proof mediums and almost shell-proof LIGHT TANKS – tanks with stupid small round turrets that must be completely filled with steel to be so strong. It kind of goes over the top in the World Of Tanks if you meet a certain russian light tank and your first reaction is “why bother to shoot, it will bounce anyway”. There’s no subtlety in the russian mind and in an attempt to glorify the russo-soviet values they probably don’t realize, that what they have created does not serve the purpose of inserting fear and admiration into the heart of westerners, but is merely just laughable.