Rigging mechanisms

Although the main tool for predetermining winner and loser in WOT is the use of unbalanced teams there are other tricks too that are applied in the actual match itself. In the World Of Tanks all shooting events are affected by 25% randomness (in Armored Warfare it’s 10%, I’ve heard). Playerbase has observed that this rule seems to be often broken by the game itself and some secret additional parameter is used to override the 25% leeway of events. Changing RNG parameters for one side only may be used to give players of that team an advantage over another. The idea of RNG manipulation as a rigging tool is sound but I personally can’t vouch for it. Sure, I have observed a lot of strange, seemingly impossible bounces and misses but those have never struck me as systematic enough to be a rigging tool.

Well, it’s very hard to know just how much RNG manipulation is needed to tip the balance of the game in favor of one team – maybe the rigging of the RNG has been subtle enough not to be noticed by me. Well, I DO notice it but only in the context of certain tanks (see Russian OP joke-tanks). In my mind RNG is not the main tool Wargaming actively uses to gain its goals in World Of Tanks. In my opinion main in-game result-manipulating tool is spotting. Yep, there are plenty of examples of one team being annihilated by another that stays mainly unspotted during the event. Sure, that may be the result of some excellent scout play but in some cases the bulb still lits very unexplainably. Often some members of one team get to shoot from close range without getting spotted (yes I know the possibilities of camo and bushes).

So, I really think it’s not the manipulated RNG, but spotting mechanics. Additionally, sometimes my tanks feel slower and less agile while in (supposedly rigged) losing game. I mean same tanks, same crews, same map, same place, but the tank feels ever so slightly more sluggish. Well it may well be that WOT manipulates a lot of different ingame parameters at the same time but does it very subtly. My conclusion in this matter is that ingame parameter manipulation isn’t proven in any certainty and we can’t actually point fingers at Wargaming in this matter (as we surely can regarding to Unbalanced teams).