Masters and servants

Well, you CAN do very well in this came. You can, for example, be a member of a select group (see Protected players) but what are the chances of that? The majority of players are just that, ordinary players. So how can an ordinary player beat the congame that World Of Tanks puts you in? Simple answer is: don’t rush the tiers! You can advance, but do it slowly. When grinding new tanks, play only daily doubles with them or do 3x and 5x events (there’s a danger too, see Experienced players as cannon fodder). And DO grind several tanks concurrently. Your grinds will take long time this way but will be relatively shorter at the same time due to the multiple exp you get. That way the effects of the heavy rigging are minimized without you bringing your wallet out!
You can have good times playing your previously elited tanks, provided that you are capable with them. Thing is, that the game decides how good you are with any given tank and you will get your teams according to that. If game decides that you are truly capable with tank X then you will get into good teams with it most of the time. You can be a “master” a player who is now a instrument for creating frustration for losing teams. I’m proposing here (against common opinion) that whole purpose of the WOT matchmaker is to MAKE UNBALANCED TEAMS (see Unbalanced teams). If you are capable with a tank – you will get into good teams, if you are not, you’ll get into bad ones. Either way, you are an instrument for the rigging that WOT matchmaker actively does. Therefore, you should mostly play your previously elited tanks that YOU ARE GOOD WITH. Then you can be “the whip” and win plenty.