Experienced players as cannon fodder

One of WOT’s main sources of money is undeniably their great audience of mainly casual players. Therefore they must do everything to please that audience. So if a casual player goes live after a exhausting week at work or school or is lured in by 3x and 5x exp. events WOT will try to please him so he will come back for more later. When a casual player gets “hooked” he will start grinding for more tanks – then the rigging will kick in and our ex-casual player will open his wallet out of sheer frustration. But the game needs to get him hooked first. Best way to do it is to enable him to have¬†some good times in the game. Everybody loves winning. Winning makes us feel good. All we ever need from this life is to be better than our fellow man. Please a casual player, let him win, make him feel good about himself, get him hooked, then frustrate him some and CASH IN.
If a casual player gets to win more of his games, then who are those that will need to lose more? Protected players? Nope, in relation to the whole playerbase this is an extremely small group of players. For pleasing the casual weekend players WOT needs a group as big as they are. And that group is..? Yes, you guessed it, it’s your basic everyday¬†players who gets to bite the bullet. As the weekenders come in, regular Joes will start to lose. Go to WOT forums and confirm it, please. Everybody agrees that in the weekends they will lose more. That’s because WOT forum dwellers are relatively experienced “old-timers”. The usual reason given for low winrate on the weekends is that level of play is low (because of the casual players). But low level of play does not mean that YOU should lose more. In a non-rigged system quality of teams would have no bearing to your personal winrate, because teams would be (on average) still equal. Only reason why experienced players have it hard on the weekends is that they have been put to teams destined to lose to weekend players.
There’s even uglier side to being a dedicated WOT player than described above. If a player has lot of games under his belt he becomes a liability for World Of Tanks – like a lemon that’s been squeezed try. No money from him, he’s seen too much and his enthusiasm for paying anything to WOT has been greatly diminished. Those players will be cannon fodder for all their playing time. They have tens of thousands of games played (from what I’ve heard, this mechanism may take effect beyond 30 000 games) and their short time winrate may be very low without being much noticed in their all-time winrate. But the player will see that he is constantly put into losing teams (see Rigging mechanisms). One day he will just stop playing WOT because every injustice must be stopped somehow.