Capped winrate

Capped winrate is a supplement to the 50% winrate myth because that piece isn’t telling the whole truth when the matter of winrate rigging is considered. I’m sure that the winrate is spread wide around the 50% mark (rather than everybody is pulled to the 50%, but the spread is capped for individual players and player groups (see Protected players).

All players in WOT have their winrate capped to a certain value that is changed as they progress through the game. Capped winrate means that every player has a parameter defined in the player-profile that determines how much a player can win. That parameter is used by the WOT to determine if player’s game should be nerfed – in case when his current winrate is getting higher than the capped winrate parameter value.

In simpler words, your maximum allowed winrate is predetermined in your game profile. The winrate cap value is changed from time-to-time and its particular value in a certain time is probably determined by a lot of different parameters. Capped winrate value algorithm is probably tuned to a very ordinary player and cap is moved upwards as the player’s game count rises.

If the player progresses (his game gets better) as slowly as the cap value is increased, he may never reach the cap and see the rigging which follows when winrate cap is reached. Above average player progresses more quickly than his allowed winrate cap and will probably reach the cap often during his gaming in WOT.

Capped winrate causes a very noticeable rigging effect when the cap has been reached.Whenever your global winrate gets higher than your current allowed winrate (winrate cap value), you will start to get extremely one-sided games (see Unbalanced teams). Basically, you will have forced losses as long as your winrate falls sufficiently below your winrate cap. After that you can have good games, until you reach the cap again.Therefore, capped winrate causes very noticeable winrate cycling near the winrate cap. There’s nothing ‘random’ about that winrate cycling and is typical result of feedback-controlled loop at work, like it is used in so many electrical circuits, for example.

When your winrate cap gets changed (e.g. you reached 5500 games) and is now higher than before, you may find that your every-day winrate rises sky-high as your global winrate slowly crawls to the new cap value. I have had few of those strange periods in my WOT history. Those extremely high winrate periods that may last several days or several hundred games, reveal the rigged nature of the game better than any other signs and observations.

Capped winrate may be our easiest way to demonstrate that the WOT is, in fact, rigged. You can check it yourself quite easily: whenever your global winrate gets stuck to a certain value, play only your tanks that have well-established winrate HIGHER than the winrate cap value. You’ll notice that you can’t achieve their ordinary winrate with any of them. That is pure nonsense, of course, and is clear sign of the rigging.

For example, if you have reached your capped winrate at 51.4% (notice that winrate cap is always a fairly round number, not 50.39, not 51.44 but 51.40, as in this example) then play your good tanks – you may have a 55%, 58% and a 61% tank in your garage. Take notice how you can’t achieve better than 51.4% winrate with any of them! In truly random system those kind of results would be extremely rare and are excellent proof of capped winrate and the fact that World Of Tanks is a rigged game.