WOT is rigged for money

Disclaimer. Everything written on these pages is only my OPINION that has been formed by playing World Of Tanks over 15 000 games. Your view on the game may differ. I am not to be held responsible for anybody’s actions or damage this page may cause to WARGAMING™.

How would you feel if Wargaming was your piano teacher and you found out that instead of a classical piano they used a computer-controlled one that sometimes aided your progress, and sometimes hindered it? That you actually didn’t learn to play the piano and it was all kind of a show? The worst thing that this game does is that it denies you YOUR achievement. It really hurts when you first time realize, that finding a perfect tank or trying to improve in a World Of Tanks is a pointless endeavor, because yours (and everybody’s) tanks and games are constantly manipulated, and that it’s all an illusion created to sway us to spend money.

The premise of WOT is great: everybody can download it for free and actually play it for free. But they say that there are no free lunches and oh boy, do you have to pay for playing this game. You pay in a lots of subtle ways and sooner or later with not so subtle ways when you bring your moneybag out. It would be better if WOT was a pay to win game, at least things would be honest and clear then. But it’s not. It’s a game that is designed to cheat majority of players while it gathers  to a small, select group of players. Like I said, it’s not a pay to win game and money buys you nothing – if you don’t spend a lot of it, that is. And I mean a LOT of it. You can’t buy their love if you just spend some money – you will get cheated by the game just as if you didn’t spend any. So please, don’t spend any money to World Of Tanks. Why? Because this game is rigged, a kind of a congame! Read on and I will explain it all.

It’s a good game at the beginning but will soon get sour

I’m a fairly coordinated guy and as I had expertly played some racing games  in the past expected do very well in the WOT. Now I know that I assessed my skills very wrongly. As it is a quite difficult game I must have played horribly at the beginning of my WOT “career”. But know what, I did very well nonetheless. I just did keep winning game after a game. If you win a lot you gonna think it’s because you are a good player. It’s very human to do so. But in reality I was a horrible player who did win nevertheless. Little did I realize the first con was afoot and the game was rigging me in.

The first couple of tiers go like that – game puts you in a winning team more often than not. At tier 5 you will surely get the first taste of the medicine the game has in store for you. You will start losing constantly – partly because you really aren’t very good player yet, and partly because, for the first time, the game is rigged against you. You probably are not really aware of this happening as the game is new to you, but your winrate is plummeting and sooner or later you will notice it.

All-important winrate

The winrate itself is interesting side issue in the World Of Tanks. If that metric didn’t exist the game would be actually easier to bear. Put lot of emphasis has been put in it in the forums and in the game (everyone who has popular add-on XVM installed can see other players winrate in the current came). Winrate intervals are marked with colors in XVM so you are immediately categorized – and if your winrate is below 49% you will be called a “tomato”. So a new player will learn that you will be verbally abused (“tomato!”) if you have low winrate. So you BETTER HAVE good winrate in this game.
Thing is, that the game does everything it can to lower your winrate, and the only thing you can do to alleviate that is to pay some real money (use gold, buy premium account). The game will lower your winrate by putting you into rigged games that have winner and loser predetermined trough the unbalanced composition of the opposing teams (see Unbalanced teams).

I’m sure everyone will now ask the obvious question that arises: if game is rigged for players to lose who will win more games than they should then? It may be that some special groups of players (see Protected players) are winning more than others but that has no bearing to the question at hand. It is correct to point out that the game cant be rigged for “everybody to lose” – that’s nonsense, of course. The solution that WOT uses is quite eloquent – the game is rigged against you only part time, and is rigged FOR YOU other times. The game cannot frustrate a player all the time – it (mostly) only happens at times when you grind new tanks.

One could argue, that the lower winrate while grinding is caused by unfamiliarity with a new tank and the fact that stock tanks are inferior to the fully upgraded ones. Well, WOT community has observed (me included) that at times of grinding, teams are distinctly unbalanced  and inferior tanks will be put against elited vehicles. This is not random, it happens with great predictability. The rigging in World Of Tanks is really very obvious.

The rigging

When you unlock a new tank there is a hookup period, just like when you first start to play this game. It lasts about 60-70 games . You will most likely get a good winrate during that time. There’s a possibility, that a player will now go to the WOT forum and write praises to that tank (that’s how they get more players to grind that tank). The elevated winrate of this period is also necessary for hiding the rigging a bit (so that tanks overall winrate would not drop too low) and for creating a contrast with events that will follow. Please note that this mechanism isn’t applicable to low tiers as the grinds are too short there. I haven’t actually observed it lately and there’s a possibility that things have been changed and this rigged winning period does not occur anymore.
After you kind of settled down with your new tank and are happy that you are doing well in it you will get a cold shower – suddenly you start to lose. Not just a little – you will lose a lot. Your tank suddenly gets awful, humiliating teams that just melt away in the first minutes of a game. You may get as low as 30% winrate for that rigging period (bots – completely inactive or AI controlled tanks get about 40% winrate). I’m not completely sure how long that phase lasts but it seems to go on for atleast 100-150 games. After that you most likely have elited the tank and you will now move on to the next one so the cycle can repeat itself.
Why all that rigging, you may ask? FOR MONEY, of course. That heavy rigging period is very hard to take – you will see your overall winrate (which seems to be so important) plummet. A player will take out the wallet to convert some free experience and/or buys a premium account just to get to that next tank – a tank that he expects to be better than the current one. After reading this site, YOU will know better and know what to expect.

Good news

You will often find that when coming back to a previously elited tank you did awfully in (due to the rigging), suddenly everything is fine and the tanks current bad winrate (e.g. 42%) will start climbing. This is so because WOT has no “agenda” towards that tank anymore and you can have normal games in it.
And now we have arrived to a point where some good news are due! Like I wrote before, statement, that the game is rigged against most of the players most of the time is nonsense. You can have awful time in the times of grinding but you can have good times when playing previously elited tanks! Now YOU will be put to good teams that are destined to win by WOT rigging. I don’t want to say that all Random games are rigged but if you are WINNING 13-0 it probably just means that you are in a winning end of a RIGGED game. But overall,  lots of good games are possible with elited vehicles. But there’s a small catch too (see Masters and servants). Alternatively, you can try some other tank games for having fun, like Armored Warfare.